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Arashigoto (Draft)

Arashi TV/Magazine schedule based on Tokyo location.

this blog exclusively for Arashigoto.
I have started this Apr 2009, as I realized foreigner Arashi fans didn't know current Arashi very much. at first I did it for myself to note Arashigoto. but nowadays, there are really many followers, I have not counted how many. as I have no time to replay all your comment. I baseically don’t comment, but I read all the time your comment.

my Arashic history is not very long since around 2007. I knew Arashi before it. but I really thought they were teenager. as I’m not type of person who are into idol, the start was Iwojima. I wondered who was this boy. then watched Jonetsu. I was so curious about Nino who was not very idol-ish type of boy. since that time I started check Arashi show. then currently, guess me neard of Arashi. baseically I love all of 5. But my favorites of these days are Ninoai.

Luckily I’m living walk distance from FC. so I’m pretty flexible to go aournd. to check to see Arashigoto with my eyes. totally devoted to Arashi as this is my first priority.