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Monday 1-Mar-2010

Monthly the Television. At Monthly Arashi, Ohno-san and Aiba-san appeared. Previously. It was “Hichimencyo Ryori” (turkey food) this month word starts “ri” Rippu esute (lip esthetic clinic), they had experience of lip esthetic!! 2 make feeling good facial expression. And from this month to memorial 10th year anniversary. Short serial start in introduce 10 year of Arashi for 10 times. There are full or precious photo and secret episodes too. This photo is oil and cream made jiggly lips of 2
Keiko Toda-san’s blog, (She did Mitani-san’s play) Jun Matsumoto-kun came over. He aid “Toda-san you are cool.” (#^.^#) when you think about it carefully, my face that was told so by Matsujun, it was just after the final stage and my nose was completely in black…. (>_<)
HK International movie festival, Yatterman participate detail here
Kurihara-san’s blog, Ohno-kun consider golf ball as fish feed? It seems he is currenly busy with filming of drama. Please watch Kaibutsu-kun.
DVD ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5×10 on sale 7 April!!! Yay!! 2009 Arashi of 10th year anniversary, 5 of Arashi and 70,000 audiences. Blissfulness cerebration space that built the bond of fans that have supported them. This could already their holy place, concert at national stadium on 29 August. Full scale of first ever lover DVD, long waited supreme masterpiece! Last program of 5x10 series of Arashi anniversary year following by Best album “All the best! 1999-2009” Video Clips DVD “5×10 All the BEST! CLIPS 1999-2009.” ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5×10, from August 2009 to January 2010, total 15 concert and 76 audiences. The place of start, first ever 3days concert at national stadium. All of tune of 29 August included. From Debut song “A・RA・SHI” to Everything, Attach it! 5x10, best and memorial set list, large scale of outdoor, touching staging of 10th anniversary. You can repeat as many as you want. It’s must-buy to all of Arashi fans. Also digest of last day at Kokuritsu 30 Aug 5 big dome tour. Fully volume DVD.Shinseido, DVD total 2 set. Disc 1 from Kansha to 5x10. disc 2 is form Pikanchi double to A.ra.shi. Digest of 8/30and Dome tour from Sep 2009 to Jan, 2010 J-sorm updated with DVD info.J-web, this week word by, 3/3 Arashi new single "Troublemaker" on sale Satoshi
Troublemaker, special site by Nino, Arashi's news single "Troublemaker" on sale on 3/3, on Hina-maturi, (Doll's Festival for girls) Congratulations Thank you   It's quite hyper. I love it. This is theme song  of Sho-kun's drama. This makes me in high spirits every time it plays. So I'm going to film video clip from now, I think I might get hyper  Good  I'm going to film from now 
Shigeaki Yamazaki (Taka-chan of My Girl) blog.Yesterday I filmed Tokujo Kabachi, only episode 8 but I got bouquet from Maki Horikita-chan.
Yui Ichikawa’s blog, Next week I will show at Tokujo Kabachi as guest. Currently I’m filming. today I’m office lady. Then tokujo lunch box.
Donpei Tsuchihira (co-star of Gantz) blog tonight that turn to March from February. We prepared after closing National museum and we plan to film until sun rise. And it seems cold tonight.
AU mobile site, Arashi standby flash add every week, this week is Sho-chan.
Dogatch, <the action that Sho Sakurai of Arashi in nude at home?> at Utaban, talk with Ishibashi and Nakai blows up. Arashi performs new tune Troublemaker. Talk about recent event, Sakurai of Arashi talk he practiced the choreograph of new tune in nude at home. “How much you need to have in your wallet unless you don’t get antsy” Arashi’s money sense will be unveiled.
Kabachi staff blog updated, about Misuzu’s room.
Shiraishi-san’s blog (Gantz co-star) currently I'm in the middle of Gantz filming. If you read comic. I mainly wear Gantz suit to film. This suit lets air through. If it’s windy it’s very cold. So I hang on with fighting spirit, gut and flossy down coat. So I’m going off. Good kid, good night.
Aiba-chan was guest of Deeply good story may be on air in April?

New Zansu,

23:24-24:08 News Zero NTV Sho Sakurai Sho Sakurai interviews Figure skater in Vancouver. 櫻井翔がバンクーバーでフィギュア選手を直撃


24:08-24:29 Arashi- no Shuku-dai-kun NTV Home work of Mayumi Sada, wild food. Hot Oden performance, Sada co-star with Jun Matsumoto at Hana yori dango. She discloses impression of Matsumoto and his weakness. Sada is fan of Dacho Club. Especially she likes to see Hot Oden performance, Then Dacho club shows at studio. Sada learns Oden performance and challenges. After, Ryuhei Uejima and members of Arashi end up performing hot Oden.佐田真由美からに宿題“ワイルドな料理”▽熱々おでん芸 佐田真由美 小倉智昭 嵐 ダチョウ倶楽部 佐田真由美を迎える。ドラマ「花より男子」で嵐の松本潤と共演した佐田は、松本の印象や弱点を告白する。また、佐田はダチョウ倶楽部のファンで、特に”熱々おでん”の芸を見るのが大好きだという。そこでスタジオにダチョウ倶楽部が登場し、佐田は熱々おでん芸を教わりながら挑戦。その後、上島竜兵や嵐のメンバーもおでん芸をやる羽目になる。 Mayumi Sada who is hand fetish judges pheromone rate looking at Arashi’s hands, Hot Oden performance!!▽手フェチの佐田真由美が嵐の手を見てフェロモン度を判定▽熱々おでん芸!!ほか Mayumi Sada who come up big as model, actress, singer. Today hidden guest comes up then studio gets mess. Surprising attitude one and another. You never see such Sada. In fact she is a mother too. Sada-san and Arashi fight with reaction performance. Surprising attitude and word one after another. Mild person leader Satoshi Ohno gets upset because of a weakness of Matsujun. モデル、女優、歌手とマルチに活躍中の佐田真由美さんがゲスト。今回は隠しゲストが登場し、スタジオが大変なことに。驚きの行動連発。こんな佐田さんみたことない!?モデル、女優、歌手とマルチな活躍を果たしている、佐田真由美さんがゲスト。実はお母さんでもあります。 そんな佐田さんと嵐メンバーが、リアクション芸対決。こんな佐田さん見たことない?!驚きの行動、発言連発です▽今回マツジュンのある欠点をめぐって、温厚なリーダー大野智がブチ切れ! Guest is Mayumi Sada. Sada who is hand fetish looks at Tomoaki Ogura judge pheromone ratio. Kazunati Ninomiya who was judged controversial feels down “I’m going home.” Dacho Club shows hot Oden performance for Sada who requests wild food.▽ゲストは佐田真由美。“手フェチ”だという佐田が、嵐と小倉智昭の手を見て、フェロモン度を判定。佐田に「微妙」と判定された二宮和也は「もう帰る」と落ち込む。また、「ワイルドな料理」を要望する佐田のために、ダチョウ倶楽部が「熱々おでん芸」を披露する。
Sada-san: My impression fo Jun-kun is good young guy he lead the filming site however he is young.  we talked about we are a chilsed face. But he talked it so proudly. M: Actually this is my face I can't change it.  Ogu-san: but I think many must envy your a chilsed face. How about Ohno-kun? O:  I don't wish to be like yours! / Sada-san hand fetish she judges, N, O, S,& M hand is weak. N: Please call me taxi!!  / O: I use bath towel about a week. N: Becuse you take bath and get clean right? O: so towel is getting cleaner than cleaner!

Kabachi in SHibuya

6:50-6:55  Arashi Discovery Satoshi Ohno FM Yokohama

Today’s Golf ball made of fish feed for antipollution measure. Hum, this amazing, they invented, seriously. Well, can you catch fish with this golf ball? Right? he, he,he. Because this returns to nature, this will be decomposed, you put fishhook then you sink this, fishes always rally around it. I hold on for 48 hours, right (decomposed for 48 hours) but while 48 hours it must be melt a bit so fish could rally around, so you can drop many balls around there. Then you can fish for 48 hours at that point. I can do it. As I did 25 hours. He he he. Well, I say dratted matter. It won’t happen. Please watch drama.




□ AU March catalogue, “Color x design“poster & booklet 
□ Kddi design studio Arashi x 2010 spring event until 30 April
□ AU posters Shibuya station and Ikebukuro station
□flyer of Ohoku at cinema and book shop
□pop and poster of  Chocolat BB at drug  store

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