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Monday 15-Feb-2010

Today's Hanamaru cafe is Toma-kun. The person meet often among Johnny's agency are YamaP and Jun-kun.
Masahitko Kondo-sans concert pamphlet there's name of  Arashi.
Ameba news, < Arashi or Exile? Which one do you like?> voting site sentaku, survey has been started on 13. Both are proud of their top sales and have their show. The result of voting is interested. Arashi is group of 5. Exile is big family of 14 included only dance perfumers.

J-web, This week word is Sho-kun, It's still so cold morning and evening. Keep warm. Sakurai
J-web, cover of Troublemaker. Limited edition has 12 pages lyric booklet included PV and making included.
J-web, Enjoy Vol.59 updated. I haven’t updated properly in the end of January. I update here. I have been to NY. I went to see musical. IT's 3rd time to be NY. Previously it was for drama filming so it was schedule that I have no private time at all. I wanted to see proper musical... This finally realized. I watched 4 musicals there. it was good and got stimulated It's amazing I admired and was impressed. I haven't wandered NY so I have been central park, it was good to be able to wonder  I took many picture too ( I wan to show them somewhere but my hair is untidy and with beard but, If I have occasion, i wan to to do so.)  I took many just like sightseeing. at MOMA I have seen famous work of Andy and Tim Burton exhibition was held.... That was also good.Illustration of Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow and others so many I was touched NY experience that fully enjoyed myself. However it was delayed I report here. However cold days continue, let's spend days enjoying.  I hope I can show you picture
Yesterday Jun-kun went to see concert of Jin-kun (Kat-tun)

Mainichi, < special: if men’s nude, is it okay if it’s beautiful.> Sho Sakurai-san of Anan, Masaharu Fukuyama-san of Ryumaden, Kenichi Matsuyama of Kamui Gaiden, Shp staffs of Abercrombie & Fitch. Anan covered with semi-nude of Sho Sakurai is almost sold out 2nd day, it has be re-published since first published. Editor, Masahito Kumai-san says, “Title was Men’s body not used Kanji, make inorganic-ish on purpose. It’s not distasteful egotism. We aim for beautiful egotism.” But word with photo “body of 27 swing between adult and boy is breathtaking manly and sexy. “ If you switch man and woman. This could be classic of men’s magazine. Editor says “This is about release how women’s wish or delusion to see nude of good looking celebrity guy. As they pay to get magazine. We make effort to realize their dream. “ there are many request come to editor’s room “please get that guy off.” One to another.
Kabachi staff blog updated regarding yesterday’s live broadcasting.
Dogatch, people produces updated. With chef producer of Shukudai-kun.
KDDI design studio schedule form 20Feb. wrapping with poster of Arashi. Exhibit posters of Arashi graphic.
Facion Sun screen, see New jun-kun's look

23:24-24:08 News Zero NTV Sho Sakurai Sho Sakurai report Vancouver on site, close up report of Aiko uemura's 4th challenge 櫻井翔バンクーバー現地取材 上村愛子4度目の挑戦に密着▽
24:08-24:29 Arashi- no Shuku-dai-kun NTV Tubasa Masuwaka The delicious food you can naturally take reaction. Lean how to smile. receiving Tsubasa Masuwaka. Masuwaka who has enormous popularity and brings about 10 billion yen economic effects. Investigate a situation and introduces her recommended fashion items at studio. And Arashi wear these and use them自然とリアクションできるおいしい料理!▽笑顔の作り方を学ぶ モデルの益若つばさを迎える。若い女性に絶大な人気を誇り、100億円の経済効果をもたらすといわれる益若。その実態を探るほか、彼女のお薦めのファッションアイテムをスタジオで紹介し、それらを嵐のメンバーが身に着けたり使用したりする。 Tubasha Masuwaka appreats. She show the technique to transform leader Ohno to beautiful girl. Arashi funny face battle. Idle Shukudai-kun starts! Tsubasa Masuwaka who is called fashion leader appears. She introduce latest fasion items and make leader Ohno wears female wig! Today’s on duty is Ninomiya-kun. Members and guest take prime reaction of prime delicious food. Arashi and Masuwaka challenge funny face. Matsujun make it even more.ファッションリーダー益若つばさが登場。リーダー大野を美しい女性に大変身させるテクニックを披露。そしてなぜか嵐とヘン顔で対決。うだうだの「宿題くん」はじまるよ!ファッションリーダーと称される益若つばさが登場。最新ファッションアイテムを紹介しつつ、リーダー大野くんには女性用ウィッグを可愛く試着していただきます!▽今日のは二宮くん。メンバー&ゲストには、最高の美味料理に最高のリアクションをしていただきます!▽嵐と益若が「ヘン顔」に挑戦。マツジュンには余計にがんばっていただきます!

Ogu-san: It’s you who must earn more. S: according to Nikkei Entertainment, you mean. O: Actually, we don’t have a lot of money at all…quiz to guess what Hikomaro (food commentator) said. Noodle, A: this is noodle’s 2 generation house! O: it’s noodle’s double personality!. S: It’s noodle’s three-legged race! / Una-ju, A: It’s eel’s Choi Hong Man! O: It’s eel’s carpet! O: It’s eel’s red carpet! / sea urchin over rice. S: It’s urchin’s two-person overcoat. A: It’s urchin’s mother! M: It’s urchin’s deluxe desert. Next answer, facial washing cream O: It’s urchin’s treatment, next answer was hand cream. / Recent smile talk, N: Did you have anything fun recently? N: fishing. but I haven't been fishing for long time. N: what do you have rest. O: it could be painting but, recently I can't paint well....
23:00-26:10 Vancouver Olympic games, BS-NTV Sho Sakurai Ladies' Moguls  Final

6:50-6:55  Arashi Discovery Satoshi Ohno FM Yokohama Err.. Satoshi Ohno starring drama has been determinate. (Special effects of applause) Oh! Thank you for tremendous applause. Kaibutsu-kun, original by Fujiko Fujio A. So, the other day I had meeting, of Kaibutsu-kun. Then the costume is not determinate yet. It’s like trying various ones and eventually decide proper one, the costume. Then. He he. “Ohno-kun can you ware red stocking?” I was told so, yep. I wear it, then also yellow jacket, cap, yep. Once I open the curtain. All burst into a gale of laughter. I wonder if it'd be okay. Ha, ha, ha, ha, I wonder how it would be, yep. Well after all, everybody. Please, watch it! Please! Right, from April, errs, on Nihon TV, Every Saturday, 9pm on air. Err… Everybody, It’s Kaibutsu-kun, Everybody. Please, watch it Please, watch it.


 songs, Sho Sakurai
TV Japan


□ AU February catalogue, “Color x design“poster & booklet 


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