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Popcorn tour Osaka 11/16 set list

as I don’t attend. set list amended.

song from new album

the concert site was popcorn factory pop image.

映画デコメ絵文字footage (at popcorn factory popcorn man create human shape. Arashi dolls are create. once 5 dolls made, screen goes up, and 5 of Arashi line up at main stage)
音符 デコメ絵文字Up to you  (costume is white base, but each different print shirts. black best and different bow tiep. trouser also different design. pop cute costume, dance at main stage) 
音符 デコメ絵文字Welcome to our party (move with moving stage, to center stage, it has choreograph, firework special effect)
音符 デコメ絵文字Troublemaker (at back stage)
nautixiさんの絵文字 Opening greeting. (on the float)
音符 デコメ絵文字Believe (moved outer circumference with float )
音符 デコメ絵文字Labyrinth Love song   (get off float, sing walking runway to main stage, 2nd verse dance at main stage at. audience got kya at dance to kneel down. )
水滴デコメ絵文字water artistic footage. (turn dark, half circle shape water screen appears in front of main screen, water fall is screened.)
音符 デコメ絵文字Cosmos (Arashi change costume. shiny cerulean blue long jacket suit. sing though water screen. each face screened big. and various image on the screen )
音符 デコメ絵文字Akashi (center stage),
水滴デコメ絵文字water artistic footage
音符 デコメ絵文字Kazeno Mukoue (Sho-kun and Nino move from main to back stage by cart. and O-chan and Jun-kun moves. and Aiba-chan is gone in midstream for his solo)
音符 デコメ絵文字Rakuen (Paradise) 嵐デコメ絵文字 (fluorescence yellow vest. damaged skinny jeans white and red Leopard-ish print shirts)
音符 デコメ絵文字Fly on Friday 嵐デコメ絵文字 (before song, at screen “can you dance and sing together?” sort of translation robot talks. Sho-kun appeared at back stage. shocking pink jacket. choreograph at “Oh! yeh!” make circle with finger around head. Junior swing orange handkerchief. he lets sing audiences “Boom Boom Beat” and “Bang Bang Beat” and moved with moving stage to center, fluorescence pink jacket) (actually among Arashi fan, 残り一時間 is heard 残るチンチンかい? he didn’t sing just played recorded voice, he must know fans talks about this on twitter.)  
音符 デコメ絵文字Super Fresh (4 appeared with same pick jacket. but each jacket’s pink has a bit different sort of pink. O-chan was reddish, Jun-kun is very pink. Aiba-chan was salmon pink. Nino is violt pink, trouser are jeans. they appeared at main stage and separate to left and right side of run way walk dancing. once they go to runway to center stage, runway is conveyor belt. line up including junior. choreographed by O-chan)
音符 デコメ絵文字a Day in Our Life (move to back stage)
音符 デコメ絵文字Kitto Daijyobu (in the end all dance at center stage)
音符 デコメ絵文字Kakenukero (run through) (dance in the center stage. Jun-kun and O-chan sang touching foreheads together)
nautixiさんの絵文字 MC
音符 デコメ絵文字Tsuite Oide (come along)   (center stage, this is the tune Aiba-chan mentioned about O-chan choreograph at MC)
音符 デコメ絵文字Kimiga irukara (because you are there) (from center stage get separate, Sho-kun left runway. Jun-kun to right runway, Ninoai horizontal run way. O-chan is gone for solo)
音符 デコメ絵文字two 嵐デコメ絵文字 (at center stage, chic in red shirts black trouser. he didn’t wear head set, had mic. danced from 2nd verse with 4 of juniors)
映画デコメ絵文字footage (popcorn animation, voice by each Arashi, the setting of popcorn is children, their voice was cute. O-chan popcorn crying S: I was told she can’t date with me as I don’t grow up. N: I want to stay child as I don’t want to wokr. O-chan transform adult popcorn man. O: hurray, I can date with her. only Aiba-chan can’t transform hardly. then M: let’s get on flying balloon of my daddy and go travel!)
音符 デコメ絵文字Tabi wa Tsuzukuyo (trip is continuing)   (Arashi appears each different flying balloons, popcorn man Arashi with headdress. threre’re several types of flying balloon, popcorn shape, candy shape, this make circle upper side making up and down. Arashi throw ball from flying balloon. M: let’s go to travel with flying balloon that my daddy bought for me, hey! hey! O: Shut up!! (like Kaibutsu-kun)   
音符 デコメ絵文字Nice na kokoroiki (nice spirit) (they are still on flying balloon, moving toward left side)
音符 デコメ絵文字Lucky Man (Popcorn man)   (they get off from flying balloon. during song. M “isn’t it amazing the flying balloon that my daddy bought for me.” in kid voice. audience: kya!!  then suddenly he take off popcorn “woof, so tiring” came back to normal jun-kun. audience laughed. then he changed at stage, stripped to the waist. took off trouser. there’s another trouser under it. there’s setting like back room on the stage. he set hair looking at mirror. and 2 juniors came to bring him tea. he drink tea there with juniosr. M: this is mine! what do you do? why drink with me? Jr: please let me dance as back dancer. M: impossible. as number is already determinate. Jr: how about Takoyaki, as compliment food from me? M: if you do so, it’s fine.)   
音符 デコメ絵文字We wanna funk,we need a funk 嵐デコメ絵文字 (at main stage, this was not sexy Jun-kun, it was funky Jun-kun no sun glasses. gold spangle and black gown. sleeves leopard print. black far on collar. latter part, did DJ MJ, sing using mixer.)
音符 デコメ絵文字Soreha Yappari Kimideshita (it was you after all) 嵐デコメ絵文字 (came up left side of main stage, no glasses. white T-shirts and jeans.footage that Nino played white piano at Niji, in the Niji (rainbow) was screened at water screen.)
水滴デコメ絵文字water artistic footage (this changes Arashi color and transform to Arashi face)
音符 デコメ絵文字Refrain (Arashi with red umbrella this looks like water curtain fall looked like rain. , dance in the center stage. costume is violet glittering, silver trouser)    
音符 デコメ絵文字Face Down   (danced hard at main stage to moving stage, flames special effect, this change color, blue, green red. )
音符 デコメ絵文字Oh Yeah! (goes to back stage)  
音符 デコメ絵文字Love so sweet (separate 3 moved and 2 stayed at back stage.)
音符 デコメ絵文字Your Eyes (sing on tower, and balloons that changes 5 colors )
音符 デコメ絵文字Waiting for you (5 dance at back stage, Sho-kun mistook at start of singing)
音符 デコメ絵文字Wild at heart (start of song confetti in 5 colors with logo, no dome name.  dance from back stage moved with moving stage then go to main stage, Jun-kun hugged Nino from back and 2 sand keep hugging. confetti in 5 colors, no venue name))   


クマ 拍手デコメ絵文字encore
音符 デコメ絵文字Carnival night (on cart) (Arashi wore original Popcorn T-shirts)     
音符 デコメ絵文字Fight song (on cart)
音符 デコメ絵文字Energy Song
音符 デコメ絵文字My Girl  (in the end back to main stage. seemed Sho-kun forget it. and came to center stage in hurry. in middle of it. Jun-kun acts pull him by rope. Sho-kun act to be pulled. )

クマ 拍手デコメ絵文字double encore
音符 デコメ絵文字Wish
音符 デコメ絵文字Happiness

ended at 9:00pm


バイバイデコメ絵文字.  MC  
嵐デコメ絵文字: yay, yay, please take your seat as we talk. 嵐デコメ絵文字pink pen light was beautiful. November is quite new (as 1st day of concert.) Usually it’ hot. 嵐デコメ絵文字 when we entered Osaka, it was cool.  嵐デコメ絵文字front seat people, did you feel cool? you must be feel cold. as you get water. kind of Splash Mountain. (Disneyland attraction) 嵐デコメ絵文字 did you get a lot!? ■O-chan choreograph: 嵐デコメ絵文字 choreograph by Ohno-san was abundantly used this time. did you notice? audience: clap.嵐デコメ絵文字Up to you and other.嵐デコメ絵文字 Super Fresh and other. 嵐デコメ絵文字how was it as member? Aiba-san 嵐デコメ絵文字Choreograph of Ohno-san need physical strength. at verse is like that (Aiba-chan dance lightly, but it has sense of thrash. Aiba-chan’s dance was shaking head like all creation)  promptly 嵐デコメ絵文字do you act funny? 嵐デコメ絵文字I don’t act funny. 嵐デコメ絵文字 this could be like this. (Nino shows example and started dance with dapper step. atmosphere of dance was completely different. ) 嵐デコメ絵文字 hey, here you go. (push Aiba-chan dance together. (but he thrash) 嵐デコメ絵文字that’s why you get tired.嵐デコメ絵文字 this is Junji Takada-san. (that one Sho-kun danced years ago when he was guest) promptly 嵐デコメ絵文字no, real Junji Takada dance is like this ( he shows example! audience got excited.) 嵐デコメ絵文字you are Takada junior. 嵐デコメ絵文字and it has a lot of repeat. 嵐デコメ絵文字all, this could be new watching leader’s choreograph. solo is quiet and so detail. but Up to you and super fresh as well isn’t is detailed?  seems dance alone and dance with Arashi is different. 嵐デコメ絵文字Oh, choreographer talks.嵐デコメ絵文字my choreograph tends to be detailed. once this is detailed movement, this don’t get synchronized. when I dance alone, I dance by atmosphere. 嵐デコメ絵文字this is only you who dance. 嵐デコメ絵文字I have habit 嵐デコメ絵文字 if you choreograph, is this different? 嵐デコメ絵文字I have listened a lot since Ara-fes.嵐デコメ絵文字 you were at rehearsal studio often and even at meeting. you had schedule book! 嵐デコメ絵文字 you must be soon staging director? 嵐デコメ絵文字 this could become my concert. 4: laugh.
嵐デコメ絵文字at choreograph you have to tell all of Arashi.嵐デコメ絵文字but after all I could not choreograph unless this was not members.嵐デコメ絵文字could be so. if you choreograph other group. (Sho-kun beg the meaning, however he is pleased) 嵐デコメ絵文字eh? what do you mean. 嵐デコメ絵文字well, I realized members have watched me. if I was other choreographer, I must get chewed.嵐デコメ絵文字could be so. as basic premise,  “if the choreograph already started?” this has many times? 嵐デコメ絵文字right as I can’t count. 嵐デコメ絵文字he he, you say so. (smug face) .嵐デコメ絵文字clap to 4 who can get me! audiences: clap.嵐デコメ絵文字 but I want to say. 嵐デコメ絵文字okay I listen to you. 嵐デコメ絵文字 what is end of first tune? 嵐デコメ絵文字you don’t like it? 嵐デコメ絵文字this is not about I don’t like. 嵐デコメ絵文字so do you take pose? (5 takes pose) (Sho-Jun pose is sitting symmetry in front. rest of 3 makes signature pose. and Nino who is center. cross his leg, make victory pose with both hands, make signature face)嵐デコメ絵文字 I outstand  quite a lot. 嵐デコメ絵文字 Matsumoto-kun outstand until yesterday. (Jun-kun restage signature pose)  嵐デコメ絵文字 this cute.  嵐デコメ絵文字I was directed even my face. this face. (his face was on screen. makes face like looking faraway)嵐デコメ絵文字Me and Matsujun outstand to sit. 嵐デコメ絵文字we are symmetry. before concert at rehearsal, I was pushed my head.嵐デコメ絵文字because this imaged Arashi 4: ack. 嵐デコメ絵文字 this was ranger battle.  嵐デコメ絵文字the site got excited in the end. 嵐デコメ絵文字 this is because song was over. (actually this Ninoai dance is done by N, A & O back of S & M. ) 嵐デコメ絵文字 um, it’s hard to dance seriously (that time. however this was serious dance audience laughed. because of Aiba-chan!) / (5 walk to main stage talking MC. that time N & M talked without mic only 2 of them while 3 talked. actually audience started shouting. Nino! Nino! Nino bows but talk shouting) 嵐デコメ絵文字Jun-kun got so nervous 30 min before concert. 嵐デコメ絵文字do you worry so much?嵐デコメ絵文字 as I could not attend rehearsal much (he shot Lucky seven) 嵐デコメ絵文字 once it was started I feel okay. currently I feel fun so much.  (Sho-Jun stay at stage. 3 went to change) ■ Lucky Seven and Nazo-di   嵐デコメ絵文字 (Lucky seven) as we join, this could be like Lucky Eight? 嵐デコメ絵文字 no!/  嵐デコメ絵文字this has action. like Jackie Chan. 嵐デコメ絵文字Jucke Jun? 嵐デコメ絵文字right, this is JJ. 嵐デコメ絵文字 staging director of Locked room does Lucky Seven special director. 嵐デコメ絵文字 does it have Locked Room element?  嵐デコメ絵文字no, Ohno-san doesn’t appear. 嵐デコメ絵文字 (Nazo-di) completed shooting last week? or the week before last. it was long. half year. as we shot for long time, movie could be over 4h and half. it could have interval this could exceed Ben-Hur. I lie. (3 finished changing and switch with them)  嵐デコメ絵文字 Oh, this is variety show group (they changed to fluffy dawn vest. same as Ara-fes, Nino in pink O: orange, A: violet.)   .■ Last Hope 嵐デコメ絵文字a word from doctor. (Aiba-chan talks last hope) 嵐デコメ絵文字drama is amazing. as Masaki Aiba does doctor role. all laugh.嵐デコメ絵文字what does doctor do? 嵐デコメ絵文字I hung stethoscope on my neck / Aiba-chan keeps explain drama. 嵐デコメ絵文字do you listen? however you asked me.嵐デコメ絵文字I wondered if mistake shoe? (A &O shoes are white but Nino’s one is pink) 嵐デコメ絵文字no, this is right. 嵐デコメ絵文字is it right? 嵐デコメ絵文字as Nino is cute. so this is right with pink (S &M appeared, their shoes were not white) 嵐デコメ絵文字I’m right. (he relieved) ■ Platinum data 嵐デコメ絵文字I missed out problem-solving trend. finally I joined member of problem-solving. 嵐デコメ絵文字 you wear glasses. do you wear glasses all the time. 嵐デコメ絵文字not all the time.  where did you see it? 嵐デコメ絵文字where did I see it. 嵐デコメ絵文字me, at Cut mag. 嵐デコメ絵文字right cut mag.嵐デコメ絵文字it has naked poster too (Jun-kun mimic upturned eyes of platinum data poster     



 バイバイデコメ絵文字double encore
 嵐デコメ絵文字 did you called us? as you called us, we came. so let’s greet one by one. (didn’t have closign greeting. main part today)as it seems this was not dertermiat, closing greeting was held by line-up order) 嵐デコメ絵文字okay I do it. (he raised his hand) 

嵐デコメ絵文字thank you very much for coming popcorn tour (got nervous) . err. something melancholic tune is played. thank you. 嵐デコメ絵文字say something melancholic. 嵐デコメ絵文字what is something melancholic? 嵐デコメ絵文字 you don’t need talk about music! 嵐デコメ絵文字I hope the message going ahead could be understood.  I want to increase occasions to make memory with you together.   
嵐デコメ絵文字thank you very much. errr.  the reason why we can stand on stage this all owe to you who cheer us.please continue to love and infatuated each other forever. I appreciate it. thank you. 

嵐デコメ絵文字thank you very much, everybody. it was so fun concert as 2 said. concert tour of album is after long time. I got to like album more. make more pop and corn (konnna: this kind of) concert. sorry this turn out. 嵐デコメ絵文字thank you.


嵐デコメ絵文字 thank you very much. this was 2 hours half like flash. this past like a flash, but saw your face clearly, got heart-warming feeling. popcorn that you eat is good. if you say popcorn please remember Arashi concert. (he repeat this part) 嵐デコメ絵文字thank you.

嵐デコメ絵文字 we progress this same time as Ara-fes. I’m pleased to have first day like this. before starting, I was told the site was filled by pink penlight. I got overwhelmed. in the same time, thank you for purchasing it. (laugh)

嵐デコメ絵文字I’m so pleased to be called “kya! kya” 嵐デコメ絵文字tell us more kya! kya!  audience: kya!!  嵐デコメ絵文字if you do so, I wonder if we do another song. as this is winter concert. we song winter song. 嵐デコメ絵文字tell us more kya! audience: kya!! 


09-10 5x10

10-11 scenery you and i are looking at

11-12 beautiful world

12 ara-fes

arashi exciting school 2011

arashi exciting school 2012

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