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Today's Tokyo forecast: 17℃/13℃/ 100%

UPDATE check also my updated lohas-asasさんの絵文字 @yamakaze0672

p0intさんの絵文字  Dogatch <Jun Matsmoto and Sho Sakurai search frying pan with Haruka Ayase! and newly-wed simulation too!? Himitsu no Arashi-chan> This week Himitsu no Arashi-chan is VIP Limousine, Sho Sakurai and Jun Matsumoto host actress Haruka Ayase who appearing at Sunday drama Jin!  Shopping searching frying pan at Kappabashi. and visit of show home, unexpectedly simulation of newly wed!? and new game shows up at “exquisite VIP dinner”!!  VIP Lomousine this time is Jun Matsumoto and Sho Sakurai host, Haruka Ayase, do the date “3 things I want to do now most.” at first, to realize her wish “want to buy bigger size frying pan!!” they go to Kappabashi, wholesale district where you can get anything about kitchen. do “search bigger size frying pan within 1 hour!” Can Ayase get her favorite frying pan? and Ayase who is good at fine arts challenges to making food sample, watch her performance. the next is Komazawa, to realize “want to peep a house!!” they visit largest model houses exhibition in Tokyo. Ayase who used to like to visit show house. she visit interior of show house with Arashi guided by Okada. as Okada force.  newly wed simulation play started… the next they visited is Shibuya, to realize “I want to east extra hot spicy bean curd!!” they visit to the restaurant of son of Kenmin Chin who deliver spicy bean curd in Japan. but who can eat is winner of game. they have to win the game duided by Okada. Can Ayase win and eat yummy food!?
p0intさんの絵文字  Real Live <Topical big star couple, Ninomiya of Arashi and Nozomi Sasaki are serious dating?> dating of Kazunari Ninomiya and Nozomi Sasaki was reported on 22. then their agencies announce the comment. Johnny’s agency says “ we hear she is one of friends.” agency of Sasaki “one of good friends” they make points they are friends. entertainment reporter says “if they don’t date both agencies deny firmly.  actually entertainment production agency tendency to make point as “friend relationships” when this comes to “more than friends and less than lovers.” In the case of love report of Ninomiya and Sasaki has no problem. derma production people says “actually senior of Ninomiya, Higashiyama and senior of Sasaki Yoshino Kimura plan to have baby within a year. so they have connection. but a popular model that dated only with only Johnny’s talent, come not only able to co-star Johnny’s talent but also not called to drama at all. Ninomiya broke up with Masami Nagasawa around’09. and Nozomi Sasaki reported date with bar chief or Takahiro of Exile. weekly magazine reporter  says “dating with Ninomiya has better impression toward sponsors. as this was hardly heard, it must high possibility this information was leaked well by Sasaki side. “ it seems it won’t have development in future.
p0intさんの絵文字   Gantz twitter at 12:35 it’s Sato producer Gantz PA exceeded 2 million audience hits Saturday! Thank you! this is the challenging piece that staffs and cast aim for make enjoy at large screen and laud sound. please continue to enjoy at cinema.
p0intさんの絵文字   This week’s quote, when the temperature highs and lows are so extreme. what is most important! Be careful with cold!! Sakurai. 
p0intさんの絵文字   Yomiuri <do something for Japan… “storm” of good intent> Arashi Peru that united Japanese idol group Arashi fans is engaged to monetary donation for East Japan Earthquake disaster. this is club 10 and Mirta Corra (32) chairman founded 4 years ago. the members now is 4250 mainly teen and 20’s. there’s HQ in Lima and 5 affiliates in province. after disaster, “There is a growing opinion to do something for Japan’  they donate part of admission fee of meeting held in Lima. the gathered amount was 800 sols (24,000 yen) “most participant are student, they gives from their pocked money.” Maira Gamboa-san (19) says “I feel pleased this could be useful as much as possible. I believe Japanese people can get over with disaster.” Arashi Peru will have fan meeting and gather donation and charge to Embassy of Japan.
p0intさんの絵文字   Orista blog <we have been to have interview with Masaki Aiba of Arashi, most happiest men of Arashi, Masaki Aiba goest to most happiest country of the world! > We have been to interview with Masaki Aiba-kun who stars Eco special show on air 6/3, “Earth trip to think about real eco, power for tomorrow, Masaki Aiba saw, felt, the way to live in future. Aiba-kun who travelled Bhutan, the most happiest country of the world. Eco advanced nation he visited without having advance knowledge, it seems he had succession surprise and touching. he talked about essential goods for travel and souvenir he bought for Arashi members. we feature happy Aiba-kun photo that was taken in happy country. this interview will be published Orista on sale 5/27
p0intさんの絵文字   AFLAC now you can down load wall paper
p0intさんの絵文字  weekly Knackles (tabloid magazine) <Kazunari Ninomiya and Tomohisa Yamashita come to cat-and-dog relationship> it seems Kazunari Ninomiya and Tomohisa Yamashita go into blow up. Related people says “Movie releasing schedule that was usually controlled not have a schedule conflict, but Yamashita movie “Ashita no Joe” and Ninomiya movie “Gantz”  almost had schedule conflict.it was clear that stubborn 2 compete against one another about BO sales. the rumor that each throw harshed criticism was preface. it seems actually talk that surrounded people said was exaggerated…” Currently Takky and Higashiyama play a role as mediator between them. This still requires caution. related people says “ this is just a trigger. it seems they must have something cannot surpass their anger. Both Yamashita and Ninomiya are good at acting. this is rate among Johnny’s talent. they are rivalries succeed to Takuya Kimura. I hope they become friends again soon.” how will Yamashita and Ninomiya be settled!?
p0intさんの絵文字 .Sanspo <Ninomiya of Nozomi Sasaki is “one of friends”> what Kazunari Ninomiya (27) of Arashi and model and actress Nozomi Sasaki (23) are in love relationships was reported on 22. They met last April at shooting of variety show Himitsu no Arahsi-chan when Sasaki appeared as guest. and last winter this has developed to serious dating. but Johnny’s agency that Ninomiya is belong to comments “we hear she is one of his friends.” Sasaki’s agency, Top Court comment “he is one of friends in entertainment industry.” Sponichi <Kazunari Ninomiya & Nozomi Sasaki, lover report, their agencies says “friends”> 2 co-starred at Himitsu no Arashi-chan, and later residents of Sasaki Nozomu apartment see Ninomiya some times. it seems they have home date between busy schedule. Ninomiya started dated Masami Nagasawa (23) by co-starring at drama, they broke up by ‘09.Nikkan Sports <both agencies of Kazunari Ninomiya and Nozomi Sasaki approved!> as serious dating of Kazunari Ninomiya and Nozomi Sasaki reported, a day later on 22 both agencies corresponded Johnny’s agency says “we heard she was one of good friends.” Top Court comments “he is one of her friends.”Ninomiya is a member of national popularity group and Sasaki is top model, both though influence. they don’t clearly state. but as both din’t denied about dating, it seems they approve impliedly their relationships. Nikkan Sports <Kazunari Ninomiya and Sasaki, their agencies don’t deny the dating> actually contents is all repeated one.p0intさんの絵文字  Cyzo ,<murmured voice doubts by “serious dating” report of Kazunari Ninomiya and Sasaki Nozomi> Nikkan sports report Kazunari Ninomiya and Nozomi Sasaki seriously date. according to big news on the internet. “really? can’t believe it.” “Arashi can be so popular? “ “I thought Nozomi Sasaki was for Exile.” “how it would be nerd (Nino) bad girl (Sasaki) ?” mostly they surprised. as it was Nikkan Sports that Johnny’s always use reported. “This could be just for get into the news.” “ why Sasaki picture is bigger than Nino?” unexpectedly calm Ninomiya fan, the passionate one was reaction of Ssasaki fans. “Nozomi can’t deal with such shorty.” “if it’s Ninomiya her level is too low.” “Damn, I can’t get over.” “it can’t be Ninomiya. her type is unexpectedly bad.” the comment that throw their melancholy. it was Nikkan sports that report love of Ninomiya and Masami Nagasawa 4 years ago. they throw high shocking school same as previous. but… entertainment agency related people says “in fact around apartment of Sasaki, 2 are seen several times. but. but it is told that she has serious relationship boy friend of non entertainer. Ninomiya seems this is only just for play from the beginning. this seems practical-minded relationships. Ninomiya plays hard with girls in contrast with his brisk look. he is carnivorous for girls. Sasaki has a lot of romance since her age of bad girl. it seems they could be people who are alike in a sense.” I think ‘serious date’ could be suit for national popular idol rather than promiscuous relationships…. I wonder if the deciding photo could be leak in future. will watch how this develop. Cyzo <date with Nozomi Sasaki was exposed! Scandal king of Arashi is Nino after all!?> Date of Kazunari Ninomiya and Nozomi Sasaki was reported at Nikkan Sports. Sports newspaper editor says “Sasaki was reported date with Takahiro of Exile at weekly magazine, it seems Ninomiya was serious relationship. meanwhile around last autumn, Ninomiya seems date with Masami Nagasawa who has previously dated with, after break up with Nagazawa, he seems to start date with Sasaki.” Ninomiya who has quite face, actually he is scandal king. "Weekly magazine reporter says.” photo with Maki Goto when he use to stargazer was leaked, photo of kissing with Noriko Shina at monthly magazine. date with Nagasawa was exposed August ‘07. date with Asami Mizukawa who is good friend of Nagasawa however he was still with Nagasawa was reported at female magazine last January. Mizukawa get along with all of members of Arashi. and told dated with Masaki Aiba. so it seems they had just dinner. but according to this news. relationship of Nagasawa and Mizusawa got worse for a period of time. it seems he has other female talent and he is kind of ‘department store of scandal’. it seems he gives interacting to play to other members. but it seems only Sho Sakurai was not interested.” and the girls who used to date with disclose the Ninomiya accustomed to play. (they talks about AYA) it seems no.1 of play boy of Arashi must be Ninomiya, but Sasaki also real mover. Fashion magazine people says “actually in Akita, she was typical bad girl, and love handsome goys. she dated tall good looking model, date with chief of bar, rumored with Takahiro. as Arashi that is zenith, so it seems she calculate  about dating with Ninomiya.


15:55-16:53 Kaibutsu-kun, NTV Satoshi Ohno #5,
22:54-23:58 News Zero NTV Sho Sakurai   Volunteer in Fukushima. Sho Sakurai’s front page ▽福島でボランティア 櫻井翔の“イチメン”

chiru612さんの絵文字 RADIO  
6:45-6:50 Arashi Discovery Morning step Satoshi Ohno FM Yokohama, Good Morning, it’s Satoshi Ohno of Arashi. Come of today’s word.”People learn as they teach” well, let’s read “this is word by Lucius Annaeus Seneca, a philosopher of the Roman Empire. If you talk to the thing you thought ambiguously and felt somewhat to other, your thought come into focus and what you thought becomes conscious clearly.” heh. well, but I hardly teach, yes. well, often, err… at concert or rehearsal, choreograph my solo tune by my self. I often tech my choreograph to junior boys. after all it’s difficult to teach. usually choreograph teacher teaches saying “One, two, thee, four.”, taking count, but me, at the time. when I choreographed by myself and teach to junior boys. I couldn’t bear to take count. “Pang!” kind of. he he he “Pang"! cha cha! pang"! okay? “ however I say so, junior boys got frozen. “you can see if you listen to music, listen to music once. then I make it lightly.” this is difficult. I still can’t. “as it sounds like ‘right, left, pong, pong! pang, pang, vu, dong!’” (grin) this is so bad. If I wear junior boy, I go back home. he he he jounior boy. please hold out.

kunichan-445さんの絵文字 AFLAC
AFLAC forest wall paper download

■10:00-17:00 KDDI Design Studio event schedule the event that you can experience as smart phone that release this Spring watching Arashi movie over 50 patterns “What’s Android AU?”

kunichan-445さんの絵文字 EVENT 
GANTZ Exhibition until 6/30 9:30-17:30 (only weekday) venue: Shueisha Jinbo-cho bldg, Shueisha Museum
release Gantz Perfect Answer in Taiwan.

Myojo, Himitsu no Arashi-chan, Ara-theater.
Popolo, special photo of 5, 20 secret episodes. Arashi premium, CM photo gallery, from healing CM by Ohno-kun to glittering smile of cool Sho-kun, feature photo of CM of 5.
GQ serial GQ x Arashi ni Shiyagare road for gentleman, Sho Sakurai

norennさんの絵文字 CHECK
Chocola BB poster at major station,  JCB poster at major stations, Kirin Tanrei Green posters at major stations. . Fasio store fixture. Hitachi Catalogue, + Water pop at drag store,  DS3 billboard at major station. Gantz billboards. au new poster. Android au poster at Shibuya,  pamphlet of Nintendo Dogs + Cats, Aflac billboard. AU catalogue
Hitachi CM at Tokyo Metro major station's station vision,

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