March 1st, 2010

Tuesday 2-Mar-2010

The History of our family, interview to Kou Shibasaki updated.
Shiraishi-san’s blog. Following by yesterday I film Gantz. Currently I take break for snack. consommé soup and burrito, It’s warmer than yesterday but it’s windy I feel cold. Please make me warm. As soon as I eat this I execute mission. Good boy and girls, good night.
Donpei Ohira san’s blog. Today also I did outdoor filming ^ロ^; Filming has been over alter deliverly of newspaper and milk. So I went home by train. I film tonight too (^^)v
Shukudai-kun's staff diaryHand fetish Sada-san, she saw hands of 3 of staff. The judge was imperceptible. This word imperceptible hurt you. Team imperceptible from Nino is mumped. Arashi who got reaction performance, Today leader challenged. That Oden must be really hot. Because after they did example Higo-san ignite stove. The performance of leader to cool down with table is respectable! After all Arashi has mastered perfectly reaction performance. That one. Did they need to master it? Today hidden muff prince, every time introduce “So, today’s guest is xx-san.” And after filming “tonight guest was xx-san.” But today he bites both words. At closing he bites the name of Sada-san. He tries to continue it. But member complained him. And he filmed 3 times. So we refrain to air this for his honor.
J-web, J-net (FC site) you can see Arashi message movie. S: People who watch Johnny’s net, Hello! All: this is Arashi. Yey! S: net, net. M: (Johnny’s) net is strong. S: Ohno-san says what will be release on 3rd Match. O: Troublemaker. N: hooray! M: Yurase Ima wo also included. N: 3/3 is Hina matsuri (Doll festival) S: as 29th CD. Not only CD making also come with. Please watch limited edition. And Arashi starts new show from April, Arashi ni Shiyagare is starting, Ninomiya-kun. N: right it’s starting. This we don’t know what is going to happen. We also do like watching show. M: : We would be like TV viewers. S: So Saturday from 9, Ohno-san, Kaibutsu-kun. O: I do Kaibutsu-kun. S: what to see. O: Well, Err. It’s past one. A: the animation one. M: I wanna watch it. O: animation will be live-action. M: this is Fujiko-san, right? O: right. M:This is Fujiko Fujio A, right? N: Right you have to put A in the end. O: this is A-san. S: 9 in evening. O: please watch. S: then Nino, movie. N: Right, I have Ohoku and Gantz, please. Ohoku on 1 October and Gantz is next new year and spring. Please look forward to them. S: you are filming Gantz. N: I hand on! S: Finally Matsujun’s Drama. M: Fuji TV 50th anniversary movie The History of Our Family from 9-11 April. I wish you watch it with all of your family.S: So Aiba-kun had the play. A: 2-24 May, The dream I have with you at Tokyo Glove Theater, I wish you to come. S: what kind of story? A: a warm story. (all: laugh) S: that must have story. M: how long the play. S:it usual length. It makes you warm. M: about 2 hours? A: right it’s not for 5 min. S: well, me I do Tokujo Kabachi. 21/3 is final. It few time to go please watch it. Also our regular show VS Arashi and Himitsu no Arashi-chan are on. TV spectators, A: please support us. A: Please come along. S: at closing, Ohno-san to the people who watch J-NET, a word please. A: they watch this pen Johnny’s net by chance. N: They watch this all the way. A: please message to them. O: Everybody, Do it, Kaibutsu as Buddha! (Kaibutsu wo Daibutsu ni Shiyagare)
Donpei Tsuchihira-san’s blog. March, it’s spring, but what this cold. The temperature in Shinjuku right now is 5 degree. Please care about your health. Yesterday the filming was over around sun rise, I went home, let rip, went sleep, today I came to challenge again heading to Ueno, noon and night reversal, “mission on site filming until morning” (tomorrow is Himitsu no Arashi-chan’s filming day)
Navicon, Arashi movie start on Johnny’s web, no member also can watch short version. Johnny’s family club started Arashi movie from 2nd March, on the Johnny’s official web site, the section exclusive to fan club member prepare various new project. Movie section was prepared from pre version and this is high light of Johnny’s net. Johnny’s have never opened the movie on the net even picture. This new project is pleasant gift to fans. This also open to non member’s short version is opened. Anybody can watch it. This section is plan to show various project included photos, poster, part of interview shows only at family club in Shibuya. Movie of Arashi start with greeting “It’s Arashi!” and introduce troublemaker release on 3/3, PV and making comes with limited edition, then about “Arashi ni Shiyagare” “Tokujo Kabachi!!” “VS Arashi” “Himitsu no Arashi-chan” and other. However it’s short version a lot to see. If you see short version you want to see long version. But Johnny’s is so good about allowance! After message of 5, hyper new tune “Troublemaker” PV movie included. This is Tokujo Kabachi theme song. And Yurase Ima wo also included to CD. About movie check with Johnny’s net. Other you can check schedule of concert, stage, and others.

21:00-21:54 Utaban TBS Guest are Arashi and Mihimaru GT Arashi part, project called “sorting member, which Arashi?” members select an answer from 2 selections of questions about friendship and others. They show the reason of selection. Ryuhei Shimada read palm of 5. concert part they perform Troublemaker.ゲストは嵐、mihimaru GT。4か月ぶりの登場となる嵐のパートでは、“メンバー仕分け どっちの嵐”と題した企画をオンエア。交友関係などに関するお題への回答をメンバーがそれぞれ2択の中から選び、選択の理由を披露し合う 島田秀平が5人の手相を占うコーナーも。ライブパートでは「Troublemaker」を歌う。 talk with Ishibashi and Nakai blows up. Arashi performs new tune Troublemaker. Talk about recent event, Sakurai of Arashi talk he practiced the choreograph of new tune in nude at home. “How much you need to have in your wallet unless you don’t get antsy” Arashi’s money sense will be unveiled.嵐は新曲「Troublemaker」を披露する。近況トークで、嵐・櫻井が新曲の振り付けを自宅で裸になって練習した話を披露!さらに「財布にいくら入ってないと不安?」など嵐の金銭感覚が明らかになる!Arashi battle 1) hw to forgive love affair? Love of Arashi. 2) How to use, money of Arashi. 3) who is most sensitivity to cold? Palm anti sensitivity to cold of Arashi 嵐バトル(1)浮気許す?嵐の恋愛(2)どう使う?嵐のお金(3)誰が一番?嵐の手相冷え症改善


S: I can't remember the dance, I do at home, Nakai: I 'm not quick leaner too. How about you Ohno? O: I'm a quick leaner. You are just stupid. / A: at golf filed Itsuki (Hiroyuki) I talked him. Actually he remembers me. He asked, "Does Arashi all play golf?" I answered yes as I was so nervous. He told me to do golf all together with Arashi. but all don't play gold. / Q: senior asked you to have dinner next time, Answer-A: you come along. A-B: you don't go. A-A: A, S, M. B-B: N & O. A: I actually can't ask phone number. but I can tell the number. Nakai: Once I had dinner with Ninomiya.i had dinner and accidently there's person who knows Ninomiya, He came over after concert of Tokyo Dome.N: we had drink pleasantly. then Nakai-kun told let's have drink together. I said please. So I give you my number. he said "no!" we actually got hyper until that time. Nakai: How do you drink with, AIba? A: I go with Matsuoka-kun's home, with leader. Nakai: Ohno- you don't go? O: well it's depends on my feeling. N: leader is, previously day he said okay, once he get up his spirits change next day. Nakai How about Matsumoto? M: I go as often as I can. S: this guy, I have so many occasions to hear "The other day I had a drink with Matsumoto-kun." from others. Taka-san interrupt, Actually this guy (O-chan) says Nakai-kun's shoe size is small isn't it? His height is also small! / Q: Can you forgive your girl friend love affair? A-A: you separate A-B: you don't separate: A-A: A, A-B: O, N, M & SNakai: is it Okay to go to movie and have dinner together. All it's fine. M: This is not about action, This is about feeling. N: I feel depressed as I think it was me who let to do so. O: I'm same as Nino.S: however the affair unveiled I don't separate soon. could be closed to Matsumoto's opinion. Nakai: How about if you see the mail "yesterday it was so fun. Your boy friend didn't find out?" If you see this. Do you tell. N: I tell it. Nakai: if she ask you why did you see it. N:what was so fun? S: I try to take it not to tell her but once I drink alcohol I might tell her.Nakai: how about holding hand? A: If you get hyper it should be fine but if you hold seriously I can't take it. Q: If you heard this is absolutely good restaurant. A-A: I try to go however it's expensive. A-B: I don't go if it's expensive.  A-A: M, S & O. A-B: A & N. N: I absolutely don't go. My limit is 10,000 yen. A: I see. M: but if you have alcohol it may exceed so fast, right? for example a bottle of wine or Shocyu... A: we don't order good bottle, right? N:no. A: we order by glass. Nakai: if you drink by glass it could be more expensive. N: I don't drink a lot all the time. Nakai: Oh! economize? N: right. If you order rock it becomes with water later. Nakai: How do you do if you go with your junior? N: I don't go out with juniors. A : he is right. we went out with juniors it was me who paid. Nakai: why you don't pay. N: I was invited by Aiba. A: can I go that side, (I try to go however it's expensive group) S: actually once you think how many time you have dinners for my life, I think it's not a lot. as I don't have hobby. I spend money for indispensible things to live. I eat dinner at full power each time. M: He is amazing when we work together for regular show, he thinks the dinner we eat with 5 from previous day. S: If all eat happily I 'm very happy. Nakai: you eat a lot? O: I 'm curious if people say so delicious. Nakai: Do you have wallet? How much you have in your wallet? How much do you feel pressed if you have less than how many amount?  Nakai: less than 30K for me, O:me too, 30K but 2 of 10K bills I pile small. 20K for my insurance. Once I don't have money "right I have piled bill!" S: me, I feel pressed less than 20K during weekend. M: 5K. I feel happy I can survive with that money for a day. A: I don't see wallet often, I notice when I don't have money. my limit is around 10K. N: 40K, 10K is with 10 of 1K bill. so I have 3 of 10K and 10 of 1K. Nakai: this for what. N: this makes voluminous my wallet. This is for my motivation. Taka-san: why you don't simply put 130K in your wallet.N: in that case if I drop the the wallet, I might be depressed. My wallet get thick a bit, that time I feel I made it./ Palm reading; S: Double intelligence line, you can see anything line,  care about other line that has full of service-mindedness ,  Nino has this care about other line too. gays has this line often. A: humour line, Eros line, airhead line, fighting line that shows this year is tenacity year. N: fortune, money that form billionaire line. M: double emotion line that who always care about others. apologize line that can't apologize well. O: postpone love later line. popular by girl coming up line. If you miss this popular period you must die by your self.

6:45-6:55  Arashi Discovery Satoshi Ohno FM Yokohama  Today’s topic is person who guesses 2 yolks egg. She is amazing, right? I would be pleased, Well, it’s amazing. After all, this could happen, such rare thing. The other day I rare thing happen to me. I went for halibut fishing. I caught big one. I was pleased. The weight is 4.5kg, the halibut. Err, sardine, I put living sardine on a fishhook, then I drop it to the bottom. This call. “Swimming fishing” I did it. Oh, something ate it! I thought. I got it! So the one came up was 4.5 kg halibut. This can't resist! I ate this. I ate fin, it was really delicious. Ah! I want to go fishing. I have to film Kaibutsu-kun. Please look forward to it.

Dramatic TV Life, cover: Sho Sakurai,
Josei Jishin Sho Sakurai Double rumor? I told “how many you are?” page 199 Strom of Gold, 14 crowns total in 2009, Gold disc award page 16


□ AU March catalogue, “Color x design“poster & booklet 
□ Kddi design studio Arashi x 2010 spring event until 30 April
□ AU posters Shibuya station and Ikebukuro station
□flyer of Ohoku at cinema and book shop
□pop and poster of  Chocolat BB at drug  store

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