February 7th, 2010

Monday 8-Feb-2010

Hochi,<Arashi members come to 7?> Arashi members come to 7, KDDI new TV CM of new line up of SH 005 Arashi x mobile phone Color version starts airing from tomorrow. Bold concept was launched in order to express 7 color variations what is feature of SH005. In the CM each member selects the color to appeal and pick the phone. Then suddenly 3 Ohno come out using “art of shadow” (art of ninja) He picked rest of 3 colors in front of surprised members. He appeals “triply leadership!” Sakurai comment closes the cm “we are going to be 7 (in future)?” From autumn 2009, CM adheres fundamentally to perspective that of the world that gets everything from “stark white space,” “alphabetical art” “totally white costume (previously black)” superb dialogue of 5 members of Arashi that capitalize on their charm of natural posture accentuates message of CM clearly. Also, new CM of Arashi x cell phone “camera” version cell phone with high pixel camera Aquos Shot, Exilim cell phone, Cyber-shot cell phone will be on air from end of February. Member takes photo modeling Ninomiya with female wig. Ohno says seeing the photo of Ninomiya “Nino, cute…” modeling switch to Matsumoto, then Ohno escalate to put a lot of stock into, murmuring “Jun cute…” other member are getting to wince. The superb timing is must to see. This is CM packed full of charm of a sense Arashi’s togetherness. Sanspo, <Arash 7 people group adding 2? AU New CM> New CM of cell phone AU starring Arashi starts on air from 9. However they are group of 5 but it seems 7. Now that I look closer 3 of leader Satoshi Ohno (29) new serial of this spring SH005 has 7 colors so Ohno use “art of shadow” come to 7. It’s unique CM. and another version of CM that Kazunari Ninomiya 826) and Jun Matsumoto (26) wear female wig starts on air from end of this month.NTVNews24, <member of Arashi to 7. Leader Ohno is 3...> At CM each pick one color then 3 of Satoshi Ohno (28) using “art of shadow” appears. They pick rest of 3 colors in from of surprised 4 and say and appeals “triply leadership!” Sho Sakurai feeds “will we 7 in future..???” and the CM of high pixel camera cell phone “Arashi cell phone Camera” version starts on air end of Feb. Daily Sports, < Arashi becomes 7? Leader Ohno-kun to 3>


Ryuya Wakaba-san’s (Gant’s co-satr) blog updated. Yesterday the filming was going so smoothly. As it was filmed one day so I’m back to Tokyo. Seems Gants filming still in Kobe.
Navicon, < Ohoku, a palace picture scroll of man males and females reversal, shogun by Kou Shibasaki, starring Kazunari Ninomiya of Arashi. Preparation with special movie and comic. > The original comic of Fumi Yoshinaga will be made into a movie 1st October. The releasing movie is a long way to go, but official movie site is announcement movie is opened and it seems preparation of filming starts soon. As males and females reversal the shogun who is owner of Ohoku (harem) is woman. Kou Shibasaki plays Shogun Yoshimune. She prefers economic and dislikes ostentatious night manner but she falls in lave with at first sight. Ninomiya plays Mizuno who was falling in love by shogun. He decided to enter Ohoku to support family giving up his first love. When I heard first time I was jib at the casting of Kou Shibasaki, an intense charismatic actress. I shake my head hearing her partner is Ninomiya of Arashi. Immediately I researched the story I added up. Kazunari Ninomiya, a sizzler in the current world that not big gap of male-to-female ratio, It’s fictional Edo world, He must naturally be very popular if less men, and He has cute look like a beastie, it’s quite natural shogun wants to put him aside. But Ninomiya has leading skill that sometime leads Arahi member with cutting feed. He seems to have enough still to step up in Ohoku. If you think so this casting must be quite good. If you can’t wait you can check the preview at Ohoku-site. And you can read trial at Ohoku web site of Hakusuisya So you can prep the story there. And if you know the real history you can enjoy movie more. May be Rekijyo (history maniac girl) fans of Arashi might increase until this autumn.
J-web, This week’s word by Nino. Soon Valentine’s day Let’s give many and get return manyNinomiya

Oricon news,< Music station 1,000 times special. First appearance scenes on air at one stroke> the detail of Music station special on air 12 February unveiled. The concert of Yuki, Arashi, Kat-tun, Back street boys and other and the scenes of first appearance on air at one stroke. Music station started 24 October 1986, 1000 artists of first appearance scenes are reviewed among over 7,000 artist.
Music station blog “Onegai ranking of that good scenes” Onegai ranking, a mid night show on air the good scenes of music station. From 8 to 11 Feb 24:20-25:15. Female announcer gathered and talk about inside stories watching past good scenes. 3 years from 1993, 4 years 1996, 4 years form 2000, 4 years from 2004.
Vancouver Olympic NTV CM aired today. missed to capture.
Fasio CM making uploaded.
The history of our family, producer’s inside story 2 updated about casting
Aiba-chan new CM Muhi maybe early summer.
Sho-kun will attend opening of Olympic games.
AU and AU mobile phone site you can see special movie, CM, making  & wall paper download

23:24-24-28 News Zero NTV Sho Sakurai Sho Sakurai’s front page prescription, Sho-kun will attend opening of Olympic games.

24-28-24:59 Arashi- no Shuku-dai-kun NTV Homework from Honjamaka , “vegetable food and full of meat juice food” Arashi and Honjamakaホンジャマカからの宿題“野菜料理と肉汁たっぷり料理”を調べて提出!Honjamaka request healthy food and meat juice food. Arashi and Honjamaka fight?▽ホンジャマカがヘルシー料理&肉汁料理を要望▽嵐とホンジャマカが対決!? Honjamaka perform skit. Compete which one is good light meal vs heavy meat meal. Idling Aiba land. Honjamaka came with 2. disclosing blushing memorial scenes and live skit performance. Light meal that Megumi requested and Meat juice heavy food that Ishizuka request comet up one and another. Arashi is surprised with “sucking meat juice” food that Ishizuka recommend. Challenge “new funny gesture game” at Aiba lan.ホンジャマカが久々にコンビでコントを披露。そして嵐メンバーと「さっぱり料理VSこってり肉汁料理」どっちが旨いか競い合います。うだうだ相葉ランドもあるよ!ゲストは久々にコンビでの出演、恵俊彰&石塚英彦「ホンジャマカ」 恥ずかし懐かし映像公開に、生コントも披露!▽スタジオには恵希望の「さっぱり系料理」と、石塚希望の「こってり系料理」が次々と登場。石塚大絶賛の「吸う肉汁」料理には、嵐メンバーもびっくり!▽相葉ランドでは「新へんてこジェスチャーゲーム」に挑戦。

A: The other day on the birthday I sent mail. S:Actually he says “Omedetamakin” (omedeto: congrats, tamakin: ball) something nonsense. A: but you replay me “Arigatamaki” (arigato: thanks tamakin: ball)

6:50-6:55  Arashi Discovery Satoshi Ohno FM Yokohama Today’s topic was night cruise. This good. well, the landscape, the night view is terrific, right? Me, well, the night view on the ship is number-one ranking after all. Well, fishing. If you say fishing, I was surprised. A little while ago I’ve just got fishing tackle from a person, Err, I got fishing bait and as this season is cold I got blanket for fishing. Unlikely Kurihara-san (Yokohama Radio DJ) Kurihara-san came over a little while ago. It was surprising. This as usual. He had a good smile. Well, thanks for coming over, Kurihara-san. Really, I wonder when he will come over next time. And also please take me nice bar in Yokohama too, right? Thank you Kurihara-san. It was Kurihara-san

Eizai, Chocola BB Kazunari Ninomiya



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