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TV Life blog <The reason to be strong> This is last promotion of current issue of TV Life. Previous issue cover of Kouishi Domoto & Arashi penalty game gravure picture was pretty strong but current issue is gone from book shop outstripped the previous issue. what was reason of current issue> Is it because cover is New? or Arashi concert report of Kokuritsu? new drama interview of Nino, Shun Oguri, Takeru Sato, Erika Toda? or correlation chart of new dramas? or Ohno-kun's most strangest's report?or it keeps 290 yen? it was a issue full of sights. as this is season each magazine focus on. I'm happy to have good result.
J-news <Masahiro Matsumoto got a punch by a kid.... that unexpected reason> Masahiro Matsuoka of Tokio who acted Demokin, Devil world prince oppose Kaibutsu-kun acted by Satoshi Ohno at "Kaibutsu-kun". at Tokio Night club aired 18, he disclosed unexpected episode of this drama. One day he took a dog for a walk, a boy who got off from kindergarten bus came to him and punched Matsuoka-kun suddenly. Matsuoka-kun asked the reason. the boy through a mist of tears "Don't bully Kaibutsu-kun!" As he thought it should not break kid dream, "Ha ha ha, brat!" gave a horselaugh being as Demokin, run away holding a dog. "I didn't feel sad. this was prove that kids genuinely understand devil is bad, as it so, I was pleased. " However I feel sorry to be punched by a kid, but Matsuoka-kun who acted trough a bad buy in order to react kid pure feeling is cool.
9/25 1:30-16:24 Men woman reversal Ohoku release 1 October complete anatomy, TBS. 9/26 17:00-17:30 movie Ohoku special, on TBS Channel on air.
J-cast <Fuji TV Monday 9 legend seems to be closed by Aya Ueto> The legend of Monday 9 that made smash hit in row seems to be ended soon. October Monday 9 is by Aya Ueto and Yutaka Takenouchi. but advance reviews is not good at all. Monday 9 lost its momentum last several years, since 2009 exceeded 20% of audience rate dramas are only 2. it seems it was just a like that hit 34.3% with "Hero". However Kimura Takuya and Jun Matsumoto were hired but they could get the figure fell below expectation much under. "Summer romance shines in rainbow color" hit first episode 15.7% but since then kept a low profile. Ueto is lowest record of Monday 9. She hit 10.65 lowest ever at Masahiro Nakai starring "Konkatsu". It seems "the legend of Monday 9" becomes really legend this autumn.(Monday 9 was high audience rate drama profile)
Ohoku news updated. Ohoku special on air. Airing of Ohoku special is determinate. deeper and deeper complete anatomy special. Please watch it TBS 9/25 15:30 for 1 hour
The F World (part timer staff blog)  urgent information, Hello it's Hashimoto(^o^). actually From today afternoon time 120 second version (longest version) of spot on air. (actually only for Kanto area)(≧∀≦) Please watch it.('-^*) another blog Hello again, it’s Hashimoto (^-^). If you could watch 120 sec or 30sec spot please tell us your feedback. well, Today is shooting off day. wee did meeting for decoration. and Master Arikawa gave us treat again.(≧∀≦) and so many! (゜o゜;)Thank you! m(_ _)m I’m so pleased (*^_^*)

Music Station blog, oh! soon the meeting. As I have told you the other day. Today I have meeting with Spits and Kanjani 8, and all of Arashi meeting have been over.
TBS shop additional Ohoku goods added.
Dwango Press release, Dear Snow, Chaku uta, Melody Call, machi-uta for mobile phone starts to distribute at Dowango from 22 Sep to 5 Oct. TVCM also on air.
Permanent part timer buys a house, topics updated. poster shooting. promotional poster of “permanent part timer buys a house” that will be unveiled soon. This poster 5 of family of Take that are Seiji Take (Kazunari Ninomiya ) < father Seiichi, mother Sumiko, sister Akiko and Manami Chiba that Seiji meets soon. Shooting was held in the peaceful atmosphere. it has been done only 30 minutes. This photo of poster will be used at official site too. so please wait for while.

23:58-24:29 Show bat, NTV, ▽来週月9はスペシャル芸人嵐VSあやまん藤森ユージVS矢口VSもう中夏希鬼奴VS柳原森三中

6:45-6:50  Arashi Discovery (Morning Step) Satoshi Ohno FM Yokohama  Today's topic is gossamer violin string made by a professor. Amazing professor. You made it. this time too. yes. he he he. I'm impressed professor. That idea to create one violin string gathering 10K gossamer. This is impressive professor. Actually this is about how many spiders he has. amazing, impressed, professor you made it. Congratulations on your success. he he he. Actually I keep a spider, so I was surprised. It was very small one, there. when I paint, it was on the paper I paint. Suddenly I talk to it, me "you, what's up?"  told so, "have you come? " told so. "Come over here.  I currently paint." told so. Since then I haven't seen it. I thought I'd make it violin string. Professor, amazing. congraturation.

Arashi ni Shiyagare

Josei Jishin Kazunari Ninomiya, Nno eat seriously, private shot from Arashi home appliance CM Ninomiya version, Hitachi appliance p13
Kinema Shunpo cover: Kazunari Ninomiya,
Kono Eiga ga sugoi Ohoku, Kou Shibasaki & Hiroshi Tamaki

□  AU Aug-Oct catalogue, “Voice” booklet
□  Wii Party booklet at shops, Chocola BB poster at major station, Muhi pop at drug store, JCB poster at major stations, Kirin Tanrei Green posters at major stations. au poster at major stations, Summer romance poster at major stations. Fasio store fixture. Hitachi Catalogue 
KDDI Design studio , event ARASHI×NEW COLLECTION 2010 SUMMER from tomorrow to end of September content 1. the experience booth of latest mobile phone Arashi uses at TV CM. 2 display of prop used at filming. 3. 5 of Arashi graphic panel, 4. on air making movie. 
□Hitachi CM at Tokyo Metro major station's station vision

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