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Today's Tokyo forecast:picoaltoさんの絵文字 t-watagumoさんの絵文字 21℃/14℃/50%

UPDATE check also my update lohas-asasさんの絵文字 @yamakaze0672

sorry for delay, was sick
ultrajuiceさんの絵文字 Family game web site updated with teaser.
ultrajuiceさんの絵文字 Sunny Sport GF twitter 23:10 we start creating poster and flyer. as we hesitate all pics are good. at 23:11 today on sale More mag, Sunny Spot GF producing report is published. please check it. at 23:11 and also today’s Hanako as well, Sunny Spot Girl Friend producing report is published.
ultrajuiceさんの絵文字 Hikyomono-san (family game producer) 3/27 19:42 today on-site shooting ends early. director went to sound recording. I came for Imatsubu and other communication tool meeting. seems we don’t have facebook this time. at 19:46 and long-waited poster visual announcement was determinate. this will be published partialy at media. from 4/1 this will be unveiled. yesterday at 06:24 today is family game set shooting. already all starts shooting at studio at 18:50 actually we get many opinion that  topical teaser spot can’t be seen. we try to show this at official web site.  at 21:26 I’m tired today. started by shooting at the set. have meeting for other thing. back to the set. Sakurai-san has just finished promotional show shooting. toay at 08:56 finnaly promotion team handled. today afternoon at official web site teaser A pattern, B pattern, 30 sec pattern will be uploaded. at 19:25 family game is off shooting today and tomorrow.
ultrajuiceさんの絵文字 movie.com <Nino triumphal return to all over Japan. 16K visited to stage greeting of Platinum Data> on 3/27 1.1M audiences and total BO sales 1.3B yen Nikkan Sports <Ninomiya came to in front of Hakata station, 4200km locomotion> movie collection <exceed 1.3B yen BO sales at 12th day of releasing! Ninomiya thank you stage greeting, Platinum data.> Hochi <Kazunari Ninomiya bullet thank you visit! his starring smash hit Platinum Data stage greeting 4197km for 3days >Sponichi <Kazunari Ninomiya total locomotion distance about 4200km. thank you greeting of his starring movie> model press <Kazunari Ninomiya of Arahi appeared in front of the station, 7000 people screamed. bullet visit of 4200km> Sanspo < Ninomiya of Arahi 6 time stage greeting “sharentosya “(cool in dialect language)> Oricon news <Kazunari Ninomiya total locomotion distance 7197km! greeting in front of 17000people>
ultrajuiceさんの絵文字 Je l’aime CM, Making and poster
ultrajuiceさんの絵文字 Cyzo Woman<Ayame Goriki worst Monday 9 audience ever, Aiba of Arashi, Hara-chan as well struggle by uphill battle. winter drama audience rate>
ultrajuiceさんの絵文字  Currenty this face is amazing 4/1-4/1, project working with Hiruobi. you can win amazing present?

skmtmsykさんの絵文字 TV 
00:35-00:45 Unagi Nobori, FTV Sho Sakurai Family Game
14:55-16:53 The Story of Taro Yamada, TBS ep.1 &2 Kazunari Ninomiya, Sho Sakurai   
18:55-18:57 N con, Isshoni Utaou, ETV Arashi
19:00-21:56 Music Station, TVA Arashi perform Løve Rainbow, Hadashi no mirai, Sakura Sake, Breathless

skmtmsykさんの絵文字 RADIO
6:45-6:50 Arashi Discovery Morning step Satoshi Ohno Yokohama FM,

24:00-24:30 Masaki Aiba's Recomen Aarshi remix Masaki Aiba Bunk Hoso

tirigamikunさんの絵文字 MAGAZINE
nagaleさんの絵文字 Orista,

norennさんの絵文字 CHECK
Fasio store fixture,Hitachi Catalogue. Hitachi ad at Tokyo JR Station, you can get Allegra booklet at drug store.

Upcomings here & Google Calendar format .
recent audience rate here


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Apr. 1st, 2013 09:42 am (UTC)
How are you?
I hope you get well soon :D
Apr. 1st, 2013 01:20 pm (UTC)
I hope you get well soon..I missed your updates..
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