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Today's Tokyo forecast:choco-milkさんの絵文字 picoaltoさんの絵文字 9℃/0℃/10%

UPDATE check also my update lohas-asasさんの絵文字 @yamakaze0672   
ultrajuiceさんの絵文字 last Night Shimura zoo preview, Aiba-chan cried in the lonely studio saying “my favorite thing until end…” “at the studio alone” some fans worries if he graduates from Shimura zoo, but some say he was shooting on 2/28. reason of tear is unveiled soon (TBD) → according audiences who attended shooting. actually he cried about a thing, he simply could not say comment. this is not about his graduation from SHimura zoo. (so relieved!)
ultrajuiceさんの絵文字 Sunny Spot GF twitter at 10:13 good morning, today is shooting as well. at 12:15 Today we shoot Kosuke and Mao junior high school era. inside shooting is warm. pic.twitter.com/EL8y9jnT at 16:00 today also high rider appears. shooting staffs play outstandingly pic.twitter.com/e7VFQ5ie at 16:03 lightings line up at corridor pic.twitter.com/jJK8pvwY
ultrajuiceさんの絵文字 novel of Last Hope release on 2/8
ultrajuiceさんの絵文字 seems last night Shiyagare audiences muzzle…. some audiences say they were told “never write this at internet.” many times. personally this seemed cut pretty many parts.
ultrajuiceさんの絵文字 Goo ranking <Love comedy, 20’s actor you want them to act> no.1 Jun Matsumoto, no.2 Jun Matsumoto Goo ranking <the actor seemed looked good in dog full-body suit.> no.1 Kazunari Ninomiya, no.2 Satoshi Ohno   
ultrajuiceさんの絵文字 Platinum data twitter tweeted apologize tweets because of server down.
ultrajuiceさんの絵文字 Sunny Spot GF twitter at 20:23  coffee counter at shooting site!! this is grateful compliment for too cold night ♪ it was rare menu such as condensed milk latte, red bean paste milk. pic.twitter.com/3K3y3suB at 22:57 crane camera has a lively time at night shooting. we use high rider of 27m. pic.twitter.com/SfZ6ZMsn
ultrajuiceさんの絵文字 Jun Kaname-san twitter (co-staring cast of god’s medical note)  1/24 15:40 heading for Nagano. 1/26 07:26 I’m back from on-site shooting in Nagano last night, I go there again this evening. return in a day. before it on-site shooting in Tokyo. I’m not good at coldness. at 23:15. it was snowstorm! Nagano! flying back to Tokyo! Miso Ramen at Soma rest area on the way!! warm chill my body. God’s medical note is completed. thank you very much! Nagano! Yay!  

skmtmsykさんの絵文字 TV
16:15-18:30 Honey and clover, La La TV Sho Sakurai 
18:30-20:50 God’s medical note, Japanese movie channel Sho Sakurai

skmtmsykさんの絵文字 RADIO
22:00-22:30 Bay Storm Kazunari Ninomiya Bay FM

tirigamikunさんの絵文字 MAGAZINE

moyasi-yasuriさんの絵文字 CAMPAIGN
-3/7 chase Ryuhei Kagura

norennさんの絵文字 CHECK
Fasio store fixture,Hitachi Catalogue. Hitachi ad at Tokyo JR Station, JAL Arashi Jet in service, –1/24 Last Hope illumination, you can get Allegra booklet at drug store.

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